Reasons tourist can visit Shillong at any time of the year.


Shillong  has a pleasant climate throughout the year which opens the door to tourist at any time of the year.  Every season brings a different scenic beauty to this beautiful place.


  • Summer

nature flowers summer depth of field 1920x1200 wallpaper_www.wallpaperhi.com_57

It is that time of the year where the colorful flowers start to bloom, the smell of fresh leaves on the trees and the bright sunny days bringing in the fresh air. Summer in Shillong is like winter in most parts of India, simply pleasant and warm. While other parts of India face extreme hot conditions during summer, Shillong experiences cool, warm and pleasant weather.

After the cold winter months the waterfalls are dry but the beauty does not die.  During Summer one can enjoy all the adventurous sports like caving, trekking, cycling and many more.


  • Monsoon

Shillong rain

Shillong is known for its exceptional beauty especially during the monsoon season. One will not be able to enjoy the adventurous sports due to the heavy rain but it is during this time of the year that you can witness the real beauty of this exotic place. The waterfalls whooshing, pushing, gushing over rocks, the whispers of the breeze and the pleasant sound of the rain drops brings one’s eyes to a close and the feeling of paradise.


  • Winter


Winter in Shillong brings a different beauty to the place. It’s generally freezing cold even though it doesn’t snow, but waking up before the sun rises one can witness the white frost on the grass and fields like a bed of clouds. It is the best time for long treks and other adventure sports, picnics and long drives, enjoying  hot soup and steam momos, delicious Italian food especially from one of the best hotels in Shillong, Hotel Polo Towers and some hot pakora and tea.

Haven’t made any plans yet?


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