Fun …football…. Shillong

Shillong a place know for peoples love for sports generally has sports meet from time to time. Having multiple stadiums for various sports events, recently in 2016 the SAG games was being held at this beautiful place.


The green trees that surround and found on every corner of Shillong makes the players enjoy their morning run. When there’s any sports event/meet, majority of the players nestle at one of the best hotels in Shillong, Hotel Polo Towers. Not only because the hotel is close to their training ground (Polo Ground) but also because of its wide range of facilities that it provides. It has a multi-purpose gym which is functional at all times for trainers to pump up their energy, it also has a relaxing spa for full rejuvenation and relaxation after their tiring work out sessions. That’s not the end of it, the max rest beds in every room gives that extra comfort after a long tiring day.

The early morning sunrise and fresh air opens the eyes of players to start their new day. With fresh fruits and healthy food that is being provided to them at the hotel helps in boosting up their energy to start their training. Ranga_20140422_1.jpgRanga_20140422_2.jpg

The local people have a lot of interest in playing outdoor games. As known rain and football goes hand in hand partnership. Not only professional the local people have a lot of interest in playing football. A lot of tournament does take place in Polo grounds where we see lot of young talent coming up.  Recently Hotel Polo Towers conducted a football match it was a high energy game surprisingly the game turned out to be a thrilling game where we saw team spirit, leadership and lot of talent. It was a great day seeing the high spirited game and the excitement continues.


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