NH7 weekender 2015… SHILLONG

NH7 Weekender was a magical experience for the people of Shillong. On hearing from ear to ear NH7 2015 was the best in Shillong in comparison to other parts of India and was the first largest music festival ever held in Shillong.

Not only was the experience a memorable one but the drive to the event itself was simply breathtaking since the event was held a little away from the main city.

No one but few knew that the whole crew( artist) who had performed at NH7 had stayed at one of the best hotels in Shillong, Hotel Polo Towers. The fortunate few got their autographs signed which will remain as a memory to them for the rest of their lives.


People of Shillong praised of how clean and well organised the event was. How amazing the star MEGADETH’s performance was. Not just the young but the old too head banged to the songs that were being performed by MEGADETH. Parents who didn’t have the energy to head bang simply tapped their feet to the rhythm of the music played one stage after the other.


Shillong know for foodies emptied their pockets on munching the delicious food being sold by the top restaurants and eating joints in the city.


The ones who got tickets for the 1st day tired to get tickets for the second day as well because one day just wasn’t enough.

Everyone hopes and waits for the next magical experience to come back this year.

So get ready for the next time ……….. Make sure not to miss it this time!


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